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Who We Are

Steve Cosey

Frank Jensen

Hello, my name is Steve Cosey, I am 54 years old and with my friend of over 30 years, Frank Jenson we decided to make create this site. If you are looking to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons.Both of us have traveled as international consultants and logged over 500,000 miles EACH. And both of us agree on one thing, traveling that much is NO fun. When going on long international flights I often feel like a cigar in one of those aluminium canasters. I do not know if you smoke cigars, but the finer cigars come in aluminium tubes. Well, when you sit on a plane(a big aluminium tube) for 10 hours, I, for one, feel like a cigar. Nothing to do and how about that annoying kid behind you kicking the sit or the person sitting next to you that will not take a hint!! Self imposed torture!

Anyway, we could tell stories until we die, but the bottom line we made this site so you can learn a little from our experience. We have seen it all and especially funny for us, not for the poor people is watching someone watch in horror as their luggage and all its contents come spilling down the carousel because their luggage came apart. Not fun, especially if you did not clean your clothes prior to coming home.

So anyway, thank you for dropping by and we hope this website will give you a little piece of mind on what to look for and what to buy and not buy. Luggage should be a no brainer and not interfer with your travel experience, if it does, you did not do your homework.

Best Regards,

Steve Cosey

Frank Jensen