Water proof or water-resistant lugggage

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Is that your luggage there getting wet? Is it water proof luggage? Why does it matter? We believe the picture speaks for itself. Your luggage is exposed to the elements when it goes from the luggage truck and gets thrown on the conveyor belt to the interior of the plane. During that 3 minute ride, if it is raining cats and dogs, and your luggage is not water proof. You have wet clothes!!. So now you understand it is VERY important to know if your luggage is water proof or at least water resistant. If you are looking to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons.

Most modern luggage is at least water resistant, but not all, especially the cheap stuff. If the nylon is cheap or really thin, the rain can get through, and do not assume that hard shell luggage is water proof either. Most are, but can you afford to have your clothes wet for 10 hours while flying to Africa. One simple and effective way to make sure your clothes are safe is pack your clothes in a large plastic garbage bag. We would not advise using a used garbage bag, but a new one, which is clean, will keep your clothes dry, no matter what.

Another mistake we have both committed is putting toothpaste and other liquids in the luggage along with the clothes, this is a big mistake. Why, because at altitude an enclosed tube or container may either explode or leak because of the pressure changes. Well, if that toothpaste leaks all over your new suit or dress, that is not a good thing. Again, this is easily taken care of, simple put each liquid item in a zip lock sandwich bag and no problems, but make sure you staple the bag, not use the zip lock.

And last but not least, if you are planning your trip wisely, think about where you are going. If you are traveling to a caribbean island, especially a small one, I can almost guarantee that your luggage will be un covered and rained on. What a mess if you do not have water proof or water resistant luggage, or at the very least your luggage has plastic bags protecting your clothes. If you need to look at some examples of good luggage, we suggest Check out the eBags Steal of the Day! One incredible deal each day. Hurry, it goes fast!