Types of Luggage

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Types of Luggage

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Types of Luggage

Types of Luggage

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Different types of luggage

Wheeled upright luggage: This type of luggage is new and uses a handle extending from the luggage body thtat allows the user to roll the luggage in its upright position.

Garment luggage bag: This type of luggage is really useful for larges and longer types of garments like dreses and suits which need appropriate packing to prevent creasing. Garment luggage and bags can be bought with either with wheels or without.

Tote luggage: Usually, a smaller piece of luggage designed to be worn on shoulder. However, we are starting to see tote luggage with wheels and have even seen some totes with extended handles.

Duffel bag luggage: This is a piece of luggage shaped like a barrel, normally soft and best suited for casual travel. The draw back to duffel bas are there is little or no organization inside. In some places, this is called duffle bags in place of duffel and these days you can even get wheels on those. Notice a common theme, most types of luggage comes with wheels. And that is a good thing. Again, just make sure the wheels are large and if you can get soft high quality plastic wheels, remember with larger wheels, they will not get caught in cracks and rocks.

Rolling Luggage: Well, this type of luggage could encompuss all the types of luggage on the market as just about all luggage these days has wheels. Just remember, telescopic handles have become popular, but if the shaft gets bent, it ruins the luggage ease of use. Therefore we suggest luggage with handles, not telescopic handles.