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Where to buy shoulder bag luggage

Travel Shoulder Bag

A Travel Shoulder luggage Bag

Travel Shoulder luggage or bags are always good for travelers who go off the beaten path. If you love remote vacation spots which do not have paved streets, easy access or modern facilities, the shoulder luggage bag is the luggage for you. If you are looking to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons.

What is the BEST Travel Shoulder Bag?

The shoulder bag that goes everywhere and is made of good quality material that resists rips and tears.

Travel Shoulder bags are the best option when you plan on walking and motorized transportation is not available or the only option is chicken buses. You want to have shoulder bags in case your checked luggage are lost or delayed while traveling. And what happens if you do not have a spare set of clothes. Shoulder bags are good for emergencies and should always contain items that are very needed, so if your main luggage gets delayed, you can survive with what is in your shoulder bag.

Most of the time when we are leaving a cold place for a warmer place, we suggest dressing in 3 layers, with swimsuit, sunglasses and sun block packed inside my travel shoulder bag plus a change of clothes in my travel shoulder bag as carry-on.

Once we arrive, no matter when the checked luggage gets in, we have a clean spare in our travel shoulder bag, plus anything we may need for the first 2 or 3 days. Unless we are on a cruise and we need something formal, we are good to go. Your shoulder bag is emergency rations for all your necessary items.

An added bonus of shoulder bags is you can use them on daily trips as well like a large purse, and for that reason, make sure and get a good strape as in many exotic travel locations, thieves like to try and rip the shoulder bag off your shoulder. Just remember if someone trys that, start yelling as loud as you can and have mace with you. Also, include basic stuff too, like toilet paper and towels, you never know when nature calls and what facilities are available.

Tip: If you do not have it when you get there then either 1) You did not need it OR 2) You can get another there.

Travel Shoulder Bag is a great choice, short strap, long strap, over the shoulder, backpack style, handbag convertible, expandable, combination shoulder and pack or shoulder and fanny pack, gear bag, courier bag, there are lots of choices.

baggallini Sydney Bagg Silver Hardware Steel Blue/Leaf Green - Tote

Baggallini Sydney Bagg Silver Hardware Steel Blue/Leaf Green - Tote - 7 available colors

Baggallini-Great Style, Great Organization! Price: $ 69.95 Fall Sales Price: $ 46.39

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Baggallini is a very affordable travel shoulder bag choice. One Baggallini travel bag can take the place of two travel bags. This brand has a traditional soft style with weatherproofing materials and is sturdy with lots of pockets design. We really like the price, style and durability of Bagallini shoulder bags.

Try to buy your shoulder bags depending on where you are traveling to. If you tend to go on cruises, pick a smaller one as you will be walking alot in different locals, if you like to hike, same thing, but if you tend to travel on day trips a large shoulder bag may be just the perfect choice.

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Silver Grey - Leather Handbags

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Silver Grey - Leather Handbags 3 coloros

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Silver Grey - Leather Handbags Price: $ 178.00

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If you are looking for style, you might try the Luck Brand Abbey Road, it is very well made with leather and one of the partners bought this for their wife and after coming home she continues to use it as an everyday shoulder bag. Lots of pockets and storage space and the strap is long enough to go over your head, so it can hang in front. Good for places like Italy where there are alot of thieves on the streets. A little pricey, but good looking and well made.

Tip: Pack an extra Travel Shoulder Bag in your travel luggage so that you can bring back special souvenirs.

Tip: Pack food and bottled water for delays, layovers, missed flights and all other unplanned events.

Whichever travel shoulder bag you decide on, pack well, pack ahead and pack often! Shoulder bags are great for trips off the beaten path and should be light and have a comfortable strap for easy traveling with your shoulder bags!
eBags Gallery Shopper Tote Sunset - All-Purpose Totes

eBags Gallery Shopper Tote Sunset - All-Purpose Totes colors

eBags-Sure to be your favorite tote. This great tote is perfect for daily, travel or business use. Lightweight and packable. Price: $ 29.99 Fall Sale: $ 19.99

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And if you are looking for a cheap bag, this one should do, to be honest, we have not tried this, but the brand we know and am sure it will work, just do not expect miracles like long life and great looks. This bag works, that is about what you can say about it.