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How to choose good roll luggage, what to look for.

When you are traveling, a good piece of roll luggage is one you will not notice. Your trip should be all about your trip, not dragging a piece of luggage held together with duck tape and rubber bands. If you need to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons

But picking quality roll luggage is not easy. Small details in luggage design can be major issues when traveling around the world.

So we are going to touch different points about wheeled or roll luggage for traveling to paved areas, and we give you some tips we have learned working in the industry for over 25 years.

What you want in buying luggage is getting features and construction that will give you maximum freedom in your travels, without hassles.

While some experts recommend avoiding the weight of wheels and handles, we, however, do not agree and have found that for big trips, wheels can save your back, neck and marriage. We also like hybrid bags (straps and wheels) if you are going to get off the beaten path. Luggage wheels for the paved avenues and luggage straps for the non paved.


Clam construction luggage (a piece of luggage that opens into 2 halves) is great for organizing your stuff. Some pieces of this luggage will also then split in half and allow you to check them separately to sneak under the 50 lbs or 22 kg per bag limits most US airlines have for check in.

As we all know weight matters. The more the piece of roll luggage weighs, the less you can stuff it before hitting weight restrictions and increased costs. Sharp corners on luggage is a bad thing, those corners will surely be smashed by the airport personal, curved corners are much better. Some luggage comes with metal reinforced corners, which is good. But that luggage is almost always more expensive. Cheaper luggage will come with plastic corners that are reinforced, but cheap plastic offers little protection against hard landings, the nice baggage handler who thinks your luggage is a football.

Another consideration is does your luggage stand up when fully loaded. If not, that will drive you nuts during the entire trip. Also, hard cases, even though they protect better, are not very useful when you need to squeeze them into the overhead bin or the trunk of your car. We are not big fans of hard cases, the soft or nylon luggage last just as long and generally has bigger wheels and you can squeeze the luggage in smaller places better.


For wheels, you want bigger and softer. The luggage wheels roll easier, are less likely to get jammed on rocks, and do not make alot of noise like hard wheels on tiles.

Roll luggage Luggage Zippers should be bigger, and preferably a known brand like YKK. Luggage companies can save loads using cheap generic zips, but you should look for quality zippers otherwise what good is a bag if it does not zip up. Look for a long warranty with your travel luggage as well, at least 3 years. Most people only use a big bag once a year, and so if it goes wrong on your second trip, you will not be happy. As for telescoping handles on the outside of luggage, we do not recommend these. Those almost always get bent and then you cannot use them on your luggage and if you do not have handles, now you are in trouble. Try to always have some kind of handle on your luggage. Locks generally do not really work, if someone wants in your luggage, they will do it. But, if you get a lock that is attached to the bag, at least you can show the nice airline people proof that someone broke into your luggage, as if they will do anything about it. Roll luggage INTERNAL LUGGAGE RECOMMENDATIONS

Internal straps and compression to secure your clothes can help alot, otherwise your clothes come out of the luggage all messed up. Be careful though, some luggage companies put to many compartments and thus you cannot fit large things into the luggage.


Nylon is stronger than polyester, and larger weave is also stronger. However the back part (the material laminated to the back of the woven material) makes a huge difference. Thicker backing lasts longer. Good luggage brands will have this, cheap, well you know what to look for.

Hard Shell roll luggage is only good for keeping things from being smashed, other than that, we recommend to stay away from hard shell luggage.