Luggage Requirements for International Airlines

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Luggage Requirements for International Airlines

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Guide to what different international airlines requirements are for luggage
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In tourist class allows a single piece with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (50 cm long by 40 cm wide and 25 cm high) and weight not exceeding 10 kg. Included in this weight you can use carry on luggage or a small purse, a sweater, coat or travel blanket, an umbrella or cane, crutches, or a video camera or small binoculars, a portable crib or wheelchair wheels folding umbrella, and a laptop.


Measurement: a total area of 50x40x25 cm and weight is 6 kg maximum for any class, but you can also carry two carry on bags of luggage if the two do not exceed 6 kg. There is no difference between Economy and Business class.


You can carry one item not weighing more than 9 kilos in economy class and 12 kg in first class and in both cases the maximum dimensions are 115 cm, but they distributed in 55 x 35 x 25 cms. Wheelchairs for disabled passengers and baby strollers should be checked.


When you fly with British Airways (and other UK) to the United Kingdom, or if change planes in this country,the air lines are just going to let you carry on board two pieces of luggage: a carry on bag, trolley bag or standard sized (maximum size 56x45x25cm) and tolerance on the weight, which is not provided, and a briefcase, laptop bag or equivalent, which must fit under the seat in front. If you carry a bag, laptop bag you must put it in the overhead bin. While recent information on luggage restrictions: only allow one piece of luggage, the second you pay for but it cannot exceed the weight, Free Shipping, Free Returns at eBags!


In the cheap seats you can only carry two bags: a briefcase or similiar standard dimensions, 55 x 35 x 25 cm in length, plus a single carry on bag and that total cannot weigh over 12 kg. In Espace classes, upper, (Business or First) will allow the standard luggage of 55 x 35 x 25 cm, plus one small piece of luggage (a bag) and more other accessories, with a maximum total of 18 kg.


In Economy Class, for all flights except those to the United States allow a luggage with a standard size and a maximum weight of 12 kg. In the upper class and World Business Class Europe Select, you can take in addition to the above another as carry-on luggage measures 45 x 20 x 35 cm and the two pieces cannot exceed 18 kg.


The maximum weight of for luggage is 10 kg with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x20 cm. Luggage includes a carry on luggage, briefcase, etc.

We hope that this information can help you with your trip and make your travels a lot easier and if you need more information please call the airline you are traveling. Know the luggage requirements and TSA requirements prior to making the trip to the airport is criticial to a hassle free trip.