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Where to Buy duffell bags

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Where to buy duffell bags and luggage

A duffel bag is really a large nylon bag that is very useful. If you buy the material right, like a good quality nylon, duffell bags are big flexible and tough. Do be careful about the material because the cheap duffell bags can rip easily and once ripped, you cannot really use them. Duck tape does not stick to them very well and thus, ripped means RIP. If you are looking to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons.Duffell bags material can be made from heavy cotton, canvas, or synthetic fiber. Roughly cylindrical in shape, a duffel bag can be used for just about any travel needs as they will carry sports equipment, packing luggage, or transporting an assortment of goods. When buying duffell bags take into consideration, beside prices is the image a duffell bag projects, for a couple on a island vacation, who cares, but a professional going to a meeting dragging a duffell bag may not be the professional image you want to project. Good sturdy duffell bags can even be found in the army/navy surplus store, although normal cotton material(therefore be aware of mold), these bags are normally cheap and long lasting, although a bit ugly.

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Really we could go into alot of different reasons and concerns when buying duffell bags. But, from our experience the value of a duffell bag is flexibility and ease of use. Just throw your stuff in there and go. The one consideration worth spending alittle time on is the material, handels and zippers.

First the material for duffell bags. Make sure it is a quality nylon, heavy thread and closely wound nylon. The cheapo bags from China say nylon but may be some mix of plastic materials that do not last, nor will stand the getting wet test. A good quality nylon duffell bag will probably be around long after you and I pass away. The nylon in good bags is like the energizer bunny, it never stops. What normally wears out on a nylon bag is the handles and or wheels if they have them. Jerking the duffell bag around and slamming it down on the payment after dumping it from your car is not good care instructions for a long life duffell bag. Be nice to the duffell bag and it will last forever.

Therefore, check out the handles very carefully, is the nylon weave closely nit, is the width of the weave good or very thin, does the handle move at the point where it is attached to the duffell bag when you tug on it, if so, do not buy it. You will only be lugging around a large awkward duffell bag in the airport without handles. What a pain.

Two other very important considerations are color and zippers. Why colors, because as you wait at the airport for your bag to come out, how many other BLACK duffell bags will there be. I get headaches even thinking about it. How about pink, or yellow or something that stands out, but in our experience, do not get black. And if you do, at least put something around it like a rope or something to make the duffell bag stand out from the millions of other black duffell bags. And the zippers, you want YKK zippers, they last ten times longer and once the zipper goes, you need duck tape or ropes to close the bag. Does not look very good, a duffell bag held together with duck tape, though we have seen a few.

So, at the end of the day, your duffell bag should be bought with what uses you have in mind. If you do not travel alot and image is not a problem, a cheap chinese made duffell bag may do, while if you travel alot to foreign destinations where baggage handlers throw the duffell bags around alot, you should invest a little more in better made and better quality duffell bags.