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If you are going to travel and need a good luggage set, we would suggest Ciao luggage as a great choice. Coming from a long line of fine materials and workmenship, Ciao luggage is some of the finest luggage made. They offer hard shell as well as shoft shell luggage options, the only thing Ciao luggage does not offer is duffel bag type luggage and their line of luggage is not very extensive. The reason behind that is they believe Ciao luggage must be extremely well made and therefore offering a lot of different lines of basically the same thing is counter productive to their main mission statement of being the best luggage maker in the market.

This type of luggage is well know for its durability and ease of use in airports and over challenging conditions such as un paved streets and rough baggage handlers. Ciao luggage design takes into consideration that your luggage will face many challenges including rough baggage handlers, wet conditions, snow conditions and just about everything in between.

Ciao includes some hard shell designs that can be considered fashion wise as we have included a few examples below for your consideration. Remember, you can find cheaper luggage on the market, but Ciao luggage will last a long time and at the same time, give a little style to your trip.

CIAO! 3 Piece Exp. Luggage Value Set Black - Luggage Sets

CIAO 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Value Set Black and Grey

CIAO - Ciao Baggage Set includes 20" + 26" expandable uprights and a 15" tote

CIAO! 21

CIAO 21" Transporter Wheeled Duffel Black/Blue

CIAO -Ciao 21" Wheeled Duffel

CIAO! EVA Lightweight 4-Piece Set Black/Red - Luggage Sets

CIAO EVA Lightweight 4-Piece Luggge Set Black/Red

CIAO -Bill Blass Diplomat 4 Pc Luggage comes equipped with 3 Expandable Ciao Luggage Uprights and a carry on tote

CIAO! Armour Trek 20

CIAO Armour Trek 20" Hardside Rolling Upright Silver

CIAO , comes molded construction travelware. A two sided molded design that includes all lightweight poly-carbonate mold face combined with molded back-base shell.

CIAO! Armour Trek 28

CIAO Armour Trek 28" Hardside Rolling Upright Silver - Hardside Luggage

CIAO! innovation strikes again this time in molded construction travelware. A dual molded design featuring an all new lightweight poly-carbonate mold face dome shell combined with an ABS molded back-base shell.