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Where to buy carry on luggage and how to buy the right carry on luggage

Is Your Carry-On Luggage Legal?

Many on line luggage stores sell luggage described as carry on, but many times they are larger than the size most airlines will accept.If you are looking to buy luggage click for last minute price drops and coupons.

The safe maximum size is 45 inches, in the form of a 22inches x 14inches x 9inches per bag. Some airlines allow up to as much as 55inches, but most do not. For reviews of our top picks, click for Best Carry On Luggage Reviews.

Not only do luggage websites and manufacturers rarely give specific sizes, but they also frequently mis-measure their luggage. Their luggage measurements generally are for the inside of the main compartment, and do not take into account stuffing the out pockets found on most carry on luggage options. And the luggage companies may ignore any external framing such as wheels and carry handle (which can also add another couple of inches). In other words make sure who you buy your carry on luggage from are reputable, and if the luggage is really cheap, like made in China, almost assume the measurements are not accurate. Because the time to know about your carry on measurements are at your house, not the airport.

Many airlines now have that luggage template at the check in counter and if your luggage is one inch bigger, off it goes into checked baggage land. In other words, do not be lazy, do your homework.

So you get on board with your large but legal sized carry on luggage item, and presto, there is no space in the over head bins and your carry on luggage does not fit under the seat in front of you. So, off you go to checked luggage again. Be prepared, there is a reason to get on the plane first, we know sitting there waiting on everyone else to get on is boring, but having valuables checked through because you got on the plane late is not really a good excuse for losing valuables.

For many reasons, your own convenience, and courtesy to fellow passengers, we recommend you focus more on bringing the smallest carry-on you truly need rather than the largest carry-on with you!

Carry On Luggage Allowances

All airlines place limits on the number, the size, and the weight of what you can carry on to a flight with you.

In the US, generally domestic airlines are pretty liberal with these limits, and rarely choose to enforce them. In a June 04 survey of Travel Insider Newsletter readers, 80% of readers who admitted exceeding the official carry-on luggage allowances said they got away with it.

Of course, no problems is a relative term, and if you are honestly following the airline requirements and still unable to fit your own smaller carry-on bag because of other giant carry on luggage already there, you may have a different viewpoint!

Now this may be a good joke or the truth, but 94.5% of Travel Insider readers say they do not exceed carry-on limits. With our experience, that may be a tad optimistic. Most luggage we see is stuffed to the hilt, one tiny hit and the thing may explode.

Airlines have been doing more tweaks and changes to airline policies regarding carry on luggage. While most airlines have predictably increased their carry-on policies, others have become more liberal. The table below has been updated to reflect the changes we have seen.

Personal carry on luggage items

The typical standard allowance provides for one piece of carry on luggage of up to a certain size plus one personal item.

What is a personal item? Some airlines give examples, and suggest that a personal item may be :

* Briefcase
* Camera
* Handbag/Purse
* Laptop (in carry bag)
* Other items not exceeding 36 inches in total dimension
* Reading Matter
* Small book-bag style backpack
* Umbrella

In addition to generally allowing you to carry on one piece of luggage plus one personal item, many airlines may also allow you to carry on other items such as coats, hats etc.

Unlike checked luggage, where you pay extra to carry heavy, bigger or more items, with carry on luggage, there are no extra charges. If the airline enforces its carry-on rules, then your only option is to have the disallowed items checked.

Domestic and International Carry on Luggage Policy variations

Most international flights have much stricter carry-on luggage policies, in particular with weight requirements.

International airlines often have different size limits on your carry on luggage, sometimes smaller in one dimension, even if perhaps larger in a different dimension. If you want luggage that is always accepted on both domestic and international flights, you will need to choose a size smaller than the maximum allowable domestic sizes, or do the smart thing and call the airlines and find out exactly what they will allow and measure your luggage to make sure it complys.

Are you flying on a small plane to some exotic island, watch out, your luggage restructions just got tighter and smaller. Bottom line, stay informed, you do not want to be in paradise trying to decide what personal items have to stay behind.

You need to think about every stage of your upcoming journey and where your carry on luggage will be to see how it will affect your trip. For most people this will take all of 30 seconds to make sure your carry on luggage is ok. However, if you like exotic trips and will be taking planes of various sizes, the exact measurements of your carry on luggage is extremely important. You want a flawless vacation not a trip from hell caused by your carry on luggage.