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"Where to Buy Luggage" reviews on-line luggage retailers. We created this site to find where to buy the best luggage at the most reduced prices. If you are looking for great deals on clearance luggage items, visit our LUGGAGE CLEARANCE CENTER, scroll down as recent mark downs luggage is at the bottom of the page or if you would like to find good deals on carry on luggage click on those links. Below you will find some of our best last minute deals on luggage. We have recently completed a Twitter poll of the best on line retailers that offer the DEEPEST LUGGAGE DISCOUNTS and the results are:

Twitter Poll conducted October 1, 2011
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5,324 votes Rating 4.7 out of 5
    70% off at Overstock.com
4,943 votes Rating 4.2 out of 5
3. Luggageguru.com 3,567 votes Rating 3.6 out of 5
4. Luggageguy.com 1,941 votes Rating 2.9 out of 5

On Line luggage retailers were judged on price, customer service(before and after the sale) and shipping. Our next poll will be sent out via Twitter feb 15, 2012.

Finding the correct luggage is a very important component of a successful trip. The most important aspects of buying luggage should be durability, space and, of course, price.

Few things are more worthless and frustrating than buying a cheap piece of luggage that falls apart in the airport with all your dirty laundry for everyone to see. Free Shipping on orders $49 or more at LuggagePoint.com

Knowing where to buy new luggage can sometimes be a difficult with so many styles available on the internet. If you want instant coupons and price drops, go to our luggage clearance section, there are four different manufacturers represented there. Here we will outline some things you should consider while shopping for new pieces of luggage and this site will help you with your choices by reviewing features that you need to look for and which stores are best to buy your luggage from.

One of the reasons why there are so many different luggage styles in the market is no single bag is right for everyone. You have frequent travelers and people who fly every once in a while, thus frequent flyers need sturdy and expensive luggage bags that will hold up while the occasional flyer does not need an expensive bag as they fly less.

The type of traveling that you do determines the type of luggage best for you. If you take short trips that keep you moving every few days, one or two light mid-size bags (22 to 24 inches) can be a great choice. Click here for international airline luggage requirements. This luggage will be more manageable for getting in and out of hotels and lifting on and off tours by yourself. However, if you buy a cheap bag, with all that movement, it may not last very long. If you like to take cruises, a larger bag (26 to 30 inches) may work since you will not have to be lifting the luggage or moving it very often. With cruises, you only need a small carry on bag, but make sure the bag strap is sturdy, traveling and walking a lot can wear out a cheap carry on bag quickly.

While looking around on "Where to buy luggage", you will see that the luggage industry has changed a great deal since the days of the hard shell style suit cases. Now there are new styles colors and even attitude for your new luggage. Want a penquin suitcase for your kids, they are available. When buying your new luggage, take in consideration lighter weights, if they are water proof luggage, see the new functionality and durability that luggage offers. Try to keep in mind that buying the right luggage and packing your luggage correctly can actually make your traveling easier if done correctly. If not, try lugging around a 100 pound piece of luggage through LAX with no wheels. Now that is NOT fun.

A few brands now offer multiple pieces of luggage and accessories that work together to make packing easier, less stressful so you keep organizeed through your entire trip.

By spending alittle more time shopping and comparing materials, unique features and service levels of the on line retailers listed here, you can make wise decisions Where to buy luggage and decisions will benefit your traveling experience. We do list cheaply made luggage options here only because if you do not travel much, a cheap bag may last you years. However, again, if you travel alot a cheap bag is not the answer. Just imagine your bags coming off the luggage transport with dirty clothes all over the place after a long trip. Not fun! Think, plan and execute for a rewarding travel experience with the correct luggage arrangement for your specific needs.

Let us start our discussion of "Where to buy luggage" with a overview of some of the physical features to consider when you need to buy new luggage. Weight.. There is a big difference between a new bag and an older bag. Be looking for a bag that takes advantage of the new, hi-tech materials which are sturdy but lightweight. By choosing a sturdy yet light piece of luggage, this will avoid airline surcharges for excess weight.

Material.. Be watching for bags made of nylon as nylon is optimal for weight, strength, durability and style. Nylon has a tight, dense weave, and seams with solid stitching. Nylon is also has reinforcement along the bottom and corners of the bag (which receive more wear) is another big plus.

Hard-Sided vs. Soft-Sided luggage: Depends on who you ask as to which is better. Although hard-sided bags provide better protection, it comes at a price of more weight. While, soft-sided bags are lighter and a bit more expandable, but do not protect the contents as much. Consider what is in your luggage and whether you usually check your bags or carry them onto the plane with you. Also, always put a lock on your bags you are checking, those videos of airport employees digging through luggage is not a good thing. The combination of a hard-sided bag that will be checked (and protects more fragile items) and a soft-sided bag that is lighter and easier to handle usually works out well.

Luggage Wheels.. This is a no brainer, if you are walking through airports, not having wheels is like un necessary torture, always buy luggage with wheels. And thank goodness, most bags today have wheels. Look for wheels that are at least 2.5 inches (6cm) in diameter for smoother rolling along surfaces from moving sidewalks to cobblestone to pavement. The wheels should definitely be mounted on the long edge of the suitcase for better stability and cornering. The luggage wheels should be partially recessed for protection and have ball bearings and metal axles for durability.

Pull Handles.. If a piece of luggage has wheels, it should have a handle for pulling it comfortably. Test drive the bag in the store to make sure you can pull it comfortably without it hitting your heels or shoes as you walk. The handle should lock into place both in the extended position for ease of use, and in the retracted position to prevent damage to the handle if the bag is checked.

And one final note on pull handles, yes I know everyone has bags with pull handles, but have you ever bent one of those pull handles, if so, you know what I mean, from now on, it is a real pain to pull the darn things out and in. So, in my humble opinion, leather straps are better for your luggage, you do not have to worry about bending those. Even detachable handles are better, so the luggage handlers do not rip it off. Just store the handle in a pocket on your luggage and when it comes in, attach it.

Luggage Zippers.. get the luggage zippers made of plastic, the metal tend to break and with the new plastic compounds, plastic zippers are better. Need a New Bag? Get up to 70% Off Top Brands at eBags!

When and "Where to buy luggage", just remember that there is no single piece of luggage that is perfect for every traveler or every type of travel. The best solution is usually to consider the type of traveling you do and build yourself a luggage system of several quality bags that you can combine as needed to accommodate all of your trips, whether long or short, business or pleasure.